Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sushi Ideas Revisited

I recently used up the rest of my sushi rice with the intention of feasting with friends after frisbee :) Well as it turns out there were lots of other fun things to do that night, a birthday party, a block party, etc etc, so we decided to postpone yet another feast night. Which means of course, that I have to use up the sushi rice and eat all the sushi by myself. How sad (zing!).

Since I'm also in a phase of transition into a vegan diet, I wanted to use up what I had left of the eggs (and I finally did this morning when I made migas, mmmm) and other non-vegan ingredients in my fridge. So I made some combinations of sushi fillings that were both vegan and me-gan. For more detailed instructions on making sushi, check out my original sushi post from my successful first attempt.

Some combinations:
egg omelet with cream cheese
carrot and tuna with mayo and wasabi
tofu and shitake mushroom
marinated and pan seared tofu and zucchini
bell peppers and zucchini

I liked the egg omelet and tuna the best (unfortunately they're not vegan), but I realized if I'm going to make vegan sushi, I'm going to have to do more with the marinating, or use some less conventional ingredients.

Ideas I was thinking of include:
tempura vegetables
bean sprouts

What else would you use?


  1. Oooh! I just made a spontaneous "mmmh" when the browser showed those pics. :D Sushi-maniac, who, me?

  2. I got some of these ideas from your sushi book when I stopped by for the dogs a couple weeks ago. I'd like to find the same book but in English!