Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The cure for the case of the Mondays

Pizza with red onions, olives, feta and garlic.
Mondays come and go. Afterall, it's just a 24 hour span of your life that society has given a name and placed ordinally between Sunday and Tuesday and what's the big deal anyway? My Monday was spent bombing a intermediate German final and finding that someone had stolen my makeup at the gym. Otherwise...The weekend flew by, it was only 48 hours, and it'll be humpday before we know it. (And I'll be missing a Joni Mitchell cover band in lieu of a thesis meeting).

After working all last week in, well, the nicest restaurant I've ever even stepped foot in, I was ready for some relaxation. Down to earth time at home. Then again, I thought, I deserve to do something nice for myself too, and be classy while I'm at it. (Most of the time I'm called 'classy' it's sarcastically and I've got a 1.5 litre beer taped to each hand, but that's another story for another Monday)

Pizza with green pesto, chevre, and zucchini.
 I was in Stockman's Hullut Paivat (Crazy Days) super sale 3 out of 5 of the days it was running, and somehow I wasn't overwhelmed and felt completely relaxed. Maybe all the rumoring about how chaotic and annoying it is has really helped to deter the masses from going. I managed to go and find exactly what I was looking for: A pair of gloves, an umbrella, lefty scissors (well actually I bought righties by accident and exchanged them the next day).... Saturday was time for me and A to finally have some quality time together, so we met up in this crazy place and went to their gourmet grocer and parted the crowd looking for the best olive oil on sale, the best coffee on sale, etc etc. So don't ask me how we ended up with 4 types of cheeses in our cart, but it happened. Normally I think rationally and might say something to A like, 'don't you remember we already have a lot of cheese in the 'frig'? But ok, we hardly ever buy such AWESOME cheese. I especially like the goat cheese (chevre) we bought. Yum. Gouda, aged Guyere, mascarpone....

We already had in the refrigerator: 2 types of blue cheese (because of lack of shopping communication), 2 types of mozzarella (because I was going to make lasagna and never did), cream cheese, parmesan, and feta. Now what? Pizza!! I know it looks like I made a lot of pizza and,  yes, I made all four pizzas tonight..... but my oven is currently the size of a microwave, so these pizzas are like individual sized and we only ate the equivalent of 3. I started with this pizza dough....

Quattro Fromaggio
 If you have any suggestions what to do with the other cheeses, or for other pizza topping suggestions, let's hear it. (Though I finished off the mozzarella thankfully)

Pizza with roasted red and yellow bell peppers and grilled chicken.

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