Wednesday, January 6, 2010


A sample or two of the coctails listed in the infamous A21 bar's menu. A21, named for it's address on Annankatu in Helsinki, was voted world's best coctail lounge in 2008. We went to check it out one night for after dinner drinks and found a few delish drinks we just had to save these ideas.

From the 'Suomi' (Finland) list, there were quite a few creative ideas.

Ronnvik Martini: clouberry puree, Beefeaters, and a hint of black pepper
Suomen Neito: Finnish berries, Bombay Sapphire, and sprite
Birch cooler (I'd love to know how they got the essence of birch into a coctail!)
Sea Buckthorn Sour: Jaloviina, sea buckthorn, orange bitters, and orange juice
Apple and Cinnamon Breeze: apple jam, absolut vanilla, and cinnamon
Rhuba Martini: rhubarb puree, basil, and Grey Goose vodka

A few of the others that I thought were particularly creative are also, listed below:
xxx: Anejo, blue agave tequila, balsalmic vinegar, agave sugar, rosemary
Rose petal martini
Cherry foam rum manhattan: the cherry foam looked so cool!
Pear and ginger cooler: based with tequila and bear, with a hint of spicy ginger

There were also a lot of other classics, like the Knickerbocker, Blinker, Singapore Sling, Rye Fashioned, and Side Cars (their 1st class version is made with Martell L'Or cognac and sells for 87 euros each). Starting price for coctails is 9,50 euro, and many are under 15, but beware of a large tab if you intend to stay a while!

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