Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wilted Bok Choy with Cashews

This has got to be the fastest vegetable to cook besides, say, spinach or zucchini blossoms. Literally, I feel a little silly even writing up a 'recipe' for this delicious side dish because it's just that easy.

I use about a head of baby bok choy per serving. With a little bit of toasted sesame oil heating in a skillet, add the bok choy leaves, halved, to the oil. Dash about 1 tbs of soy sauce per head, a sprinkle or two of red pepper flakes and in moments, the bok choy is tender. Be careful not to over cook! Mushy bok choy is about as appetizing as soggy broccoli. Chop a handful of roasted cashews and sprinkle over bok choy just before serving. Enjoy!

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